Web developer working in the Denver area and taking on freelance projects. I also provide information on my website to help people learn how to build and take care of their own websites. Learn how to make your website responsive so it looks great on all devices, from desktop computers to tablet to phones, and is mobile-friendly approved by search engines for better search results.

I think differently from many website developers

I believe YOU are the best person to maintain your own website. Most developers are happy to do simple edits to your site for you because they can charge you each time they do something simple on your site. But if your site is developed the right way in the first place, you can make many of these changes to your site. Check out the information on my blog about building websites. I’ll show you how to make changes to your own site so you can handle both small and large changes on your own.

WordPress Development

Years of experience working with several content management solutions has convinced me that WordPress is usually the best solution for most small to medium size businesses.

Responsive Design

Today, more than half of people have smartphones and they are using them more. In fact, 40% of web searches originate on the phone. Often people will do some searching on a phone or tablet, then switch to a desktop for more information.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO isn’t the game it used to be. Not long ago, companies could “game the system” by stuffing certain keywords onto websites, creating link farm sites to make a site look popular and rank high on the search engines.

Modern CSS3 and HTML5 Based Sites

Are you following the new practices in web development that Google is looking for? If your site is semantically coded correctly it is more friendly to search engines.

WordPress Themes

Do you need a special-purpose theme for your existing WordPress site? There are many themes available for WordPress but the trick is finding the right one. Check out more about how to choose the right theme.

WordPress Plugins

The key to a well functioning WordPress site is identifying the correct plugins to add to your site and setting them up correctly. While there are thousands of plugins available, you have to choose wisely.